Images from Muraling Workshops

Below are links to slideshows of the student’s work from the Muraling Workshops.  Don’t forget to click on “Show Info” in the right-hand corner.

For more about the workshops, download my mural handbook, or look at the Xieng Khouang or Vientiane tagged blog posts.

–View a slideshow here of the students work from the 5-day Xieng Khouang workshop.

–Here are images from a 3-day Xieng Khouang workshop:

The artist’s UXO survival stories

UXO Education images

Depictions of the past, present and future

What does an ideal world/Laos/Xieng Khouang look like without UXO?

Where do UXO come from?

The artists

—And here are images from a 3 day workshop with students from Sisatannak High School, in Vientiane.

UXO Education – these were in response the question of how to avoid UXO accidents.

UXO Survivors – these portraits are beautiful and some are very sad.  When I spoke to students about who they were, many mentioned relatives.

Ideal World – the assignment was for them to imagine what their ideal Laos would look like without UXO.  They had such varied images, from urban to rural, from family to cars.

War – these images were in response to the question: where do UXO come from?  They look amazingly similar to work that you can see at Legacies of War – drawings from refugees from the Plain of Jars during the war.

Past, present, future – these are students depictions of their past, presents, and futures.  I see a lot of ambivalence!

The students – here are pictures of the students themselves!  On the last day a lot of students came and borrowed their friends books so they could be photographed as well…


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