Stories of the 2 new art workshop participants, Sompan and Ya Vue

Sompan is 7 or 8 years old and from Ban Dong, Paek District.  He had the accident on 17/12/2009.  He was at school.  After lunch he found a small piece of metal he did not think was a cluster bomb.  When he struck it, it exploded.  Sompan was very talented, with an impish smile and a love of drawing bombies in nature.   He got fairly brave at answering questions and volunteering to play games by the end of the week!  He was a little bit excluded in the group of boys as he didn’t speak Hmong, but he held his own and made some great work.

Ya Vue is 8 years old, from Ban Ngoil, Paek District.  He was injured on 13 August 2008 in the same accident that injured Huagku, when he and his 4 friends were going to find scrap metal to sell. One of the boy picked up a cluster bomb and hit it near a fish pool, where it exploded.   Two boys were killed and three were injured.  I later learned that a woman picked up Ya Vue and Huagku and carried them all the way to the hospital on her back and that is why they survived.  Ya Vue was the naughtiest and the bravest little boy, always ready with a joke, and he looked up to Xue Yee very much.

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