Mural Handbook – the final export of the first draft!

Here is a downloadable PDF (high resolution) of the Mural/Art Workshop Handbook I created of the art-warmups, games, activities, tips and pitfalls/how to avoid them, an art workshop sample curriculum, a mural workshop sample curriculum, budgeting, documentation, and more.  I wrote it mainly for staff at World Education/other organizations already doing UXO education, so don’t expect too much background information on UXO or mine risk education.

And here it is in low-resolution (for slow internet connections)!

*Expect a second version soon!*

Please contact me if you have any questions, ideas, or feedback, or if you want the original files for translation.  lisa [at] lisanowlain [dot] com

Big thanks to Da Chang, Bounmi, Barbara, Mark, Vongdala, Tounmi, Phadsada, Bounsong, Bounxeuy, Tor, Viengmany, Hua Lor, Bouaphone, Abby, Andy, Tabea, Mr. Khammanh, Shannon Dorsey, Sombath Somphone, Chantalangsy, Kolaka, Ding, Dtai, my mom, and of course Arnouson, Mailawr, Daeng, Jalaw, Yakguh, Yangkuh, Huagku, Ya Vue, Sipai, Sawnaly, Phet, Xue Yee, Sompan, and the students at Sisatannak Secondary School and Don Noune Secondary School in Vientiane.  And to Precita Eyes (Missy, Brenda, Susan), Ellie/Mollie/Jess/Bri, Colleen, Khiang Hei, Jamie Henderson and Evan Bissell for inspiration/guidance.

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