Mural #4 – UXO Education Mural – Xieng Khouang Mural Workshop Day 4

You can download a document with the 5-day mural workshop lesson plans here.

Day 4

Today I didn’t have a translator, so it was a bit silly.  Thanks so much to Nick for sticking with me!

1.  First we started with meditation – the kids are getting rowdier, so we had to sit on the floor in a circle to get them focused.

2.  Then they got right into painting their boards.  They went at it hard for 2 hours and then got very bored and tired (and done), so after they presented their paintings, we played some games – follow the leader.  I led them around the building jumping and stomping in a circle and being weirdos, which they enjoyed (and it required very little Lao).

3.  After lunch, we had a short naptime(spontaneous).

I hung up all their drawings on the wall, and here they are proudly writing their names on their work.

4.  Then we played Exquisite Corpse.  This was the best round of this game I have ever played.  The students really got creative and laughed SO HARD we played 6 times in a row.  I challenged them to draw things they had never drawn before, and they did!

5.  The last assignment of the day was to draw what made them happy (after their/their parents’ accidents).  I separated all the students so that they didn’t copy each other – and lo and behold, they each made a different drawing!  Samples included going to school, seeing beautiful nature, drawing, etc.  They were very absorbed in this.  I had them write why it made them happy on the back as well.

Lessons learned:

  • Even though the kids technically could finish a mural in a day – they probably don’t want to.  It’s tough to help them feel like they have finished it (vs just being too tired to keep going) – I tried to tell them that their parents were coming tomorrow to check out their work and they would have to present it to them (which is true!).
  • Naptime and freetime are similarly important – it’s good to let kids just do what they need to do and not fill the time all crazy like.
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